Hi, welcome to Waza.blog!ย 

I have been enthusiastic about Martial Arts, combat sports and self defence for years; however, recently I decided to rededicate myself to going on a Martial Arts journey, bringing others along with me through my writing and Social Media updates.

What’s the point?ย I started writing this blog as a practice to help me with reflecting on my training, and as a means of one day looking back at my perspectives when I first started as a white belt. This quickly became something I wanted to share with others, so continue reading if you are interested in reading about my experiences and views as I progress as a Martial Artist. Currently the Blog is split in to three sections; firstly, ‘Training Log‘ where I review each of my classes, ‘Articles‘ where I write linger posts on a specific topic, and ‘Views and Reviews‘ where I write about my favourite content.

Why Waza?ย Well, Waza is the Japanese term for ‘technique’, and as my journey was initially inspired by my recent status as a Jujutsu white belt, it seemed like a fitting name.

Where do I train?ย  I currently train at two Martial Arts schools, Shirindo Jujutsu and Code Combat Arts. Shirindo is a Jujutsu school that has taken a rare view on teaching a the modern applications of the art and strive for evolution and improvement. Code Combat is an expanding school that looks to train combatants in a variety of Martial Arts, currently focusing on TKD, MMA and Jiu Jitsu.

What’s with the logo?ย The waza.blog mascot is a Japanese Macaque wearing a gi, this is to pay homage to my passion for Jiu Jitsu and the Japanese roots for the style I train in… and I like monkeys.

What’s next?ย I am going to continue updating my blog regularly, at least once per week. I have plans of future expansion, looking at interviews, reviews and at some point a Podcast! Watch this space!