Kenpo Jiu Jitsu: Today was my second attendance at the new Code Combat affiliated Jiu Jitsu class taught by Sensei Cliff Witcher. This is the third style of Jiu Jitsu class I have trained at, and again its completely different! It almost seems as though the Martial Arts tree in my head keeps growing bigger and bigger, branching even further out. The style of Jiu Jitsu taught at this class uses techniques that follow a numbered pattern, which rely heavily on the emphasis of kuzushi, joint manipulation and pressure, allowing little room for muscle. This is brilliant for me as finding the kuzushi and getting techniques to flow is an area of weakness of mine, so naturally I am more than happy to get further tuition. This evening we trained a number of techniques from a wrist grab, but as always my mind was rushing ahead (bad habit?) so it didn’t take long before I started experimenting and trying to do the same techniques from different attacks. Sensei Witcher, being aware that a number of us cross train in MMA, Jujutsu, TKD and BJJ, allowed us a little free reign at one point to play around – good fun! Finally, we ended the lesson with some stick work, similar to Eskrima, which is something I’ve always liked the look of but never really tried. During the stick work I was conscious of a bridging concept, I found that the stick became an extension of my arm and the principles of Jiu Jitsu, including kuzushi, still applied… perhaps I am learning.

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