Shirindo Jujutsu: This evenings class started off as expected, break falls, quick warm up and some striking. For today’s newaza, Sensei Robert ‘Bert’ Parker instructed us to engage in some ‘flow rolling’, looking firstly at simply obtaining dominant position before resetting and going again. Bert encouraged us to pay particular attention to what position we felt most comfortable fighting from and looking to expand on that area. Next we did the same pace of flow rolling, but looking to put on a submission once the dominant position was held. I found a lot of benefit from breaking down the newaza in this way, as opposed to all out sparring, it gave me the opportunity to engage the brain and take my time to think about my options. Next we moved on to some ‘waza’, or standing techniques; of those we drilled tonight, two were of particular interest to me; the shoulder focus throw and the arm focus throw. I was very lucky to have a patient Uke tonight as I was getting rather grumpy with myself, knowing that I was getting the shoulder throw wrong (not getting the kuzushi, common theme?) but not knowing specifically what I needed to do. A quick instruction from Bert and things began to click; it was explained to me that I was putting the momentum through the main mass of my Uke, where the most resistance was, with a slight adjustment to my movements the shoulder throw was finally working! Its a wonderful feeling when you finally get a troublesome technique correct, and although I am sure I have a long way to go before I am doing the technique well, for now I am happy with my progress. 



Lastly, at the end of the session Bert wanted to get some nice ‘artsy’ pictures – which in itself was a test in my balance as I perched on his shoulders to get a good angle!

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