Shirindo Jujutsu: The club has a grading coming up this Saturday where I am going to be freely offering my subtle sexy self as an Uke! Although I am not going to be grading (definitely not ready to give up the white belt yet), I’m looking forward to the eventful day! As tonight was the final session before the big event, Sensei Bert had the class looking at some specific techniques which he expects to be demonstrated by those participating. That said, as always, we started with our usual break falls and warm-ups before getting going with the striking drills. I felt really good with my striking today, I can feel myself becoming a little looser, which is making my combos considerably more fluid. A particular combo I enjoyed was a simple jab, cross, slip, side kick (rear leg). Next we broke tradition and went on to some light randori, looking specifically at disengaging the opponents grips; we switched around partners to ensure some diversity, but mindful my partners were preparing for a grading I went hell for leather and came at them grip after grip, giving some pressure. Back on usual course we went on to some newaza; I was partnered up with ‘Josh’, who was preparing for his blue belt grading. Bert gave us some specifics to drill, namely ‘Hadaka Jime’ (RNC), ‘Mae Hadaka Jime’ (Guillotine Choke), and Kata Jime (Head and Arm Triangle); Josh and I took it in terns to find these submissions, starting in a ‘combat base’ and putting in reasonable degrees of resistance. Next Bert had us look at drilling two guards, ‘Spider Guard’ and ‘Butterfly Guard’, each taking it in turns to try and hold the guard position, or pass the guard; I particularly enjoy working on my guards, so thoroughly loved playing specifically with my butterfly! To finish the lesson off we changed pace a bit and went on to some self defence techniques, looking at knife defence. I worked with ‘Tony’, who is preparing for his purple belt; Bert had me wielding the wooden knife, flowing various knife strikes at Tony, who in turn was assessing the opportune moments to either dodge, block, run or attack. Good fun, no one comes out unscathed!

In all a thoroughly enjoyable session, I am very much looking forward to Saturdays grading – its going to be a busy day! I’ll keep you posted.

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