Code MMA: The Saturday morning MMA session came and went like a storm; another great session of working on newaza, starting with some flow rolling to get the body warmed up. As previously mentioned, I love flow rolling as a warm up exercise, it really gets me in the mood for the session ahead. I’ve since thought about why I enjoy flow rolling, and I think it may be because my ‘style’ of ground sparring is low intensity and methodical; I like to be a counter attacker, letting my opponent dictate the pace. I think I may have started to take this style a little too far though, my lack of aggressiveness does mean I can struggle controlling more energetic partners. I’ll have to revisit this. Anyway, for the main session, instructor Adam had us looking at varying positions in which to obtain the kimura, omoplata, and a particularly nasty bicep slicer; despite how fun it may be to drill some of the more advanced guards/transitions, I find it incredibly beneficial to regularly revisit the basics. I am so often focused on getting myself in to weird and wonderful positions that I forget about the simple kimura etc; perhaps I have jumped ahead too much in my training because I saw a lot of inefficiencies in my execution of the techniques. For much of the session I was drilling in a group of three, each of us switching around to do the technique on a different body shape/ability; one of the guys I was training with is a few weeks in to his MMA training. I personally love training with new guys, it forces me to slow down my drills and really make sure I’m getting it right. To finish of the session we went on to a few five minuet rounds of ground sparring, changing partners each time. All limbered up from the session and sparring I had to quickly grab my bag, scoff down a protein bar, and rush of home to get ready for an afternoon with Shirindo Jujutsu. This was going to be a tiring Saturday.

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