Kenpo Jiu Jitsu: Tonight I rounded off a busy weekend of training and birthday celebrations with a session of Jiu Jitsu, delivered by Master Cliff Witcher. After the usual warming up and Ukemi the class moved on to training the numbered flow drill, which Master Witcher explains as a means of teaching the jujitsuka the principles of taking the opponent off balance (Kuzushi) and understanding the body mechanics for locks etc. A few of the locks and positions I found analogous to techniques I had trained at Shirindo, they all share the same roots after all. After we had drilled the first 6 stages of the flow drill, and had demonstrated our understanding through some quick pressure testing, Master Witcher took the class on to some throws – namely the ‘half shoulder throw’. This is an awesome technique which is quick to find and easily applicable from various positions, which is exactly the sort of techniques I love! Finally Master Witcher showed us an interesting set up for a toe hold from a forward roll. Initially I looked at this technique and had a dreaded feeling that I would mess it up by kicking my Uke in the groin or head as I flail my gangling limbs all over the place; that said, I was pleasantly surprised when I found the technique to be less challenging than it looked. I’d quite like to drill this technique more often and try to apply it in sparring.

Throughout the session Master Witcher primarily used Adam (our usual MMA instructor) as an Uke; however, at times where Adam needed to see the technique, I was selected to be the Uke in his place. It’s during these moments, where I felt Master Witcher move his body and execute techniques, that I realised the extent of his experience. Each movement and grip was purposeful and efficient. Very interesting.

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