Shirindo Jujutsu: Whilst in the car on our way to training the lovely Eve wondered aloud what the first session back after a grading would be like. Initially the class started like any other, with a warm up and ukemi; however, Sensei Bert then took the class in a slightly different direction. As it was the first session back, and the day following Eve’s birthday, Bert asked for her favourite newaza technique; we then spent the next part of the class looking at the omoplata, set up from a triangle in guard, and then interestingly directly from nage-waza, which I thoroughly enjoyed as the omoplata is also one of my favourites! We then moved on to some of Bert’s favourite techniques, of which theย sutemi-waza I found particularly fun and interesting! Perhaps there is some analogous link in the psychology of being comfortable attacking from guard in newaza and utilising techniques that require me to ‘sacrifice’ my standing positions for take-downs. Whether or not they’re linked, I have a propensity to learn sutemi-waza more comfortably than koshi-waza… I’m becoming aware that in this Training Log I have used the term ‘waza’ more than at any other point in! With the end of the session looming upon us, Bert just managed to slip in time for a round of randori; I love the opportunity to get in some sparring, its a good way to test whats been learned so far. Although I wasn’t able to get a successful take down during the round, I can feel myself relying less on muscling my opponent around, and I can feel myself looking for the damned kuzushi!

A perfectly fine post-training selfie with Sensei ruined… or improved?

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