Shirindo Jujutsu: Following our usual warm up and ukemi-waza, Sensei Bert had the class drill some pad-work combinations with a focus on strikes set up from evasive head movements; for this initial work we also incorporated some fitness and body conditioning with press ups and body strikes in between rounds. I am very aware of a bad habit I have with pad-work drills, I get lazy and have a tendency to not bother moving my hips/shoulders properly when throwing my strikes; its okay though, Bert ALWAYS notices, and tonight was no different! Following on from this, for the newaza part of the class, we looked at a couple of set ups for collar chokes; one particular collar choke I enjoyed was from guard, which with some experimentation I found a nice no-gi alternative – I’ll be storing that one in my memory! Next, moving on to the nage-waza, Bert explained that with a looming ‘photo-shoot’ next Thursday he would like each of us to pick our favourite technique to drill tonight and show case next week. Naturally, the majority of the techniques chosen were either big or fast throws, which I don’t mind, I’m more than happy to hit our comfy 40mm matts at a reasonable velocity… plus these techniques only help me practice that damned kuzushi! Unfortunately, being a dirty, low-priority white belt (jk, jk), there was no time for Bert to ask for my favourite technique before the end of the class. The remaining jujutsuka’s were asked to think about our favourite techniques, which we will drill on Tuesday. After not very much deliberation, but much uncertainty on the name, I would have to say my favourite technique (currently) is Sumi Gaeshi; see, its all about the sutemi-waza! Lets see how it goes on Tuesday and Thursday!

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