Shirindo Jujutsu: So, its been a few days since I last uploaded a training log, and unfortunately I have also missed my weekly article. Simply put, life happens. Specifically, one HUGE thing happened on the weekend which required a lot of mental fortitude, and even more caffeine, The Mayweather Vs. McGregor fight, which for me happened in the very early hours of the morning! Man it was a good weekend! Anyway, tonight’s training was a bit of a follow on from last Thursday where Sensei Bert had the class looking at their favourite techniques; but to start, as always, the class warmed up, did some Ukemi-Waza and moved on to some striking, of which I particularly enjoyed the turning side kick! Next up, the Newaza, and today we looked at obtaining the arm bar and triangle choke from guard, but with a standing opponent; the focus on the drill was ensuring the Tori had good control of the Uke’s hips and leg using their feet, and obtaining good grips on the Tori’s arms. This was a good drill for training the intricacies in sweeping/controlling an opponent who is in a traditionally adventurous position. As last week, for the Nage-Waza, Bert had the class pick their favourite techniques to prepare for Thursdays demonstration. To start, Eddie chose the standing  D’Arce Choke, a technique I also particularly like, but found the standing variant a little more challenging, not quite getting the choke and instead putting on a clumsy neck crank. Something to look in to. I was up next, and I chose my favourite Sutemi-Waza technique, Obi-Otoshi, thoroughly enjoyed this, and I’m looking forward to drilling a smooth transition of Obi-Otoshi into Newaza. I would also like to learn the no-gi alternative to this particular Sutemi-Waza. Lastly, we had just enough time to look at the lovely Eve’s favourite, Kokyu Nage. I was completely unaware that this was Eve’s favourite, and I have now since found out that she likes it for its apparent flow and versatility. It’s also a good technique to train that damned Kuzushi!

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