Code MMA: Last night was one of those sessions where everything came together perfectly; there were great vibes, and even better training. Everyone put in loads of effort and had a good time doing it. The Monday night MMA sessions come straight off the back of Instructor Adamโ€™s TKD class; where the momentum seemed to roll on to our class as we went straight in to some light Kick Boxing sparring rounds as a warm-up. The rounds were 3 minuets each, by the seventh round, and seventh rotation of partners, the intensity had increased to the point where it no longer felt like just a light warm up! It was bloody knackering, but my Kick Boxing felt good last night, with some obvious areas for improvement. Namely, I showed an over-reliance on the same combos that made me predictable to the more experienced training partners; additionally, I found myself getting sloppy as fatigue kicked in โ€“ although I imagine this is a universal problem. That said, I came away feeling positive about my progression.

For the main body of the session Adam, having sparred with a number of us, had us drilling some combos that he felt would assist us in our fighting. In particular we looked at some unorthodox faints and kicks that were adapted from Adams TKD arsenal. Thinking back to when I first started training under Adam back in March 2017, I hated Kick Boxing and I shuddered at the thought of doing any other kicks than a round house to the thigh; now, on the other hand, I feel like Iโ€™m beginning to get in to the swing of things and becoming a well-rounded Martial Artist. Although I still have some way to go.

To finish the session off, we unwound by doing some low intensity small muscle exercises to help with flexibility. These small exercises (mostly done from laying on my back or side) were deceptively intense once past 20 reps โ€“ and the goal is 100! I really enjoyed this part of the session, the gradual cool down at the end really helped with the good vibes, and provided some good time for reflection on my progress.

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