Shirindo Jujutsu: Following a quieter than usual Tuesday class, tonight was back to a sizeable group of Jujutsukas. Once the usual Ukemi Waza had been completed, Sensei Bert had the class continuing with a similar warm up drill to Tuesdays class, using a ‘relay’ system of doing continuous press-ups until the person in front of you in the line shoots for a hard double leg on an Uke holding a kick shield. Although this was a fitness/warm up drill, there was also a focus on ensuring the participants were using a correct posture when shooting in for the take-down.

Moving on to the Newaza, the focus for tonight’s class was on the Tori defending ground and pound from an Uke in their guard (wearing MMA gloves), wrapping them up and executing a sweep to mount. Following this, we also looked at defending ground and pound using grips, to transitioning to a submission. This is a useful drill that I could benefit from training more often; I have an unfortunate habit of ignoring the potential of being punched in the face whilst Newaza sparring.

For the Nage-Waza, Sensei Bert had the class drilling two green belt techniques, Oni Kudaki and Ago Makikomi. Of these two techniques, I particularly enjoyed the Oni Kudaki, which I would like to further investigate different applications. I would especially like to see if I could apply the technique to a no-gi/MMA clinch during sparring.

Closing off the class, we did the same protect the president drill as Tuesdays class, I’ve still got some way to go before I’m comfortable using a wider arsenal of techniques. Presently, I’m finding myself forcing on the same few techniques that may not be the most efficient for the situation.

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