Kenpo Jiu Jitsu: After a busy day of Martial Arts tuition, I finally made it to my usual Sunday class, Kenpo Jiu Jitsu, taught by Master Cliff Witcher. At this point I had been training under Master Witcher’s instruction for a little while, and I feel as though I am beginning to get a feel for his style, which is direct and aggressive. As usual, following the warm up, the class practiced some Ukemi-Waza; in a prior training log I mentioned a backwards roll, completed by use of a hand-stand to spring back to a standing position, I’m pleased to say that I more or less managed to execute it! Now I just need to refine it further. To start the session, the class quickly went through the 1 to 10 flow techniques, which after some quick prompts for 8 and 10, I remembered just about fine. During this drill Master Witcher approached me and gave me instructions, in the way of a number, expecting me to execute the corresponding techniques on him. I’m pleased to say that I managed to successfully demonstrate them.

Moving the class on, Master Witcher wanted to teach the class some of the other techniques in his system, these included throws, locks and holds similar to those I had trained before, but with a more aggressive approach that utilises strikes and explosive movements. I thoroughly enjoyed working on Mater Witcher’s approach to these techniques, and I was fortunate to be training with a Uke who is himself a 2nd Dan Black Belt at another Jiu Jitsu Club. Similarly to all of my other Martial Arts training, it is the small subtleties within a technique that I need to pay further attention to in order to progress further, it is a welcome pleasure to have the opportunity to train with an Uke who has obtained a level of proficiency where they can easily spot these inefficiencies, and communicate how best I rectify them. I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that these subtleties all lead back to obtaining Kuzushi!

After last night I feel as though I am beginning to get to the ‘meat’ of Master Witcher’s Jiu Jitsu system, which has left me curious to know more. Being an Uke for Master Witcher is in itself an interesting experience; letting him take control of my limbs and balance as he tests and demonstrates various painful techniques with control, allowing enough pain for me to know it works, but avoiding any real harm being caused. I find it analogous to holding the perfect biting point on the clutch of a car going up a slow incline.

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