Rising Crane Centre: My Sunday morning started with a drive to Bedford for a training seminar hosted by Rising Crane, and taught by Sifu Patel. The seminar was focused on submission wrestling and leg locks; Mr Patel, an ADCC British Champion, enthusiastically took the class through some submission wrestling basics (although not too basic for me); this included how to effectively ‘shoot in’ to your opponent. Once these basics were drilled, the class was shown some applicable principles for entering the guillotine choke from a standing clinch; I enjoyed looking at the subtleties of this, and will require further training. Once Mr Patel had taught the class some useful offensive techniques, he then changed momentum and had the class looking at the defences. We went through several positions and techniques at a fast pace, many of which I will not necessarily remember, but I hope to have absorbed some of the principles for application. Fortunately my friend/training partner has a much better memory than me and has captured most of the core techniques in a document. Some of the core principles of the techniques were obviously similar to my Jujutsu training, taking opponents of balance, rather than using inefficient muscle, and the use of correct posture/positioning of the body; that said, it was an obviously different style than I’m used to, I had to at times remind myself to not over think techniques and open my mind up to let the core principles set in. Learning this style of wrestling was really interesting, and I’m sure it will apply well to the principles I am currently learning in my Jujutsu and MMA training; I hope I get another opportunity to dig deeper in to this pool of knowledge.

After a quick break the class reconvened for the main purpose of the seminar, leg and foot locks. With both training partners in the seated position, Mr Patel showed various transitions in to foot locks, heel hooks, toe holds and leg locks; the various techniques we were shown eventually resulted in a flow drill that could be continuously practiced. Attacking the leg is an area of submissions that I have seldom practiced at this point in my Martial Arts journey, so I welcomed the opportunity to learn from some one who knew very well what they were doing, and who was able to effectively teach the subtleties. Fortunately, I felt more comfortable now in a position analogous to my Newaza work, I think this familiarity allowed me to open my mind more up to learning what was necessary, and I feel as though I have taken away more from this part of the session. In particular, I have found in the past that when I attack the leg in Newaza, I leave my own limbs vulnerable to attack; Mr Patel taught some useful applications to help avoid this error.

In his own words Mr Patel saved the best for last, by this he was referring to the ‘Imanari Roll’, a technique currently ‘in vogue’ amongst the grappling community. We started by practising the inverted roll, before partnering up and practising the inverted roll around the partners legs. Once we had sufficiently enough managed to grasp this roll (I managed it, but was less than elegant), Mr Patel showed us the Imanari Roll in to a take-down.

The seminar planned for 4 hours started at 1200hrs and finished at approximately 1700hrs, and despite running overtime Mr Patel was still eager to impart more of his grappling knowledge; however, after 5 hours of learning I was definitely in need of some deep contemplation on what I had learned. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the seminar, Rising Crane were very accommodating, I hope to have the opportunity to train with them in future events; additionally, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to be taught by Mr Patel, I’m very confident that I have learned some useful techniques and principles to help my Martial Arts.

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