Shirindo Jujutsu is the school that reintroduced me to Jiu Jitsu, I will be forever grateful for their rare style of tuition and passion for the art.



Code Code Combat Arts is a Martial Arts school run by Adam Gold. The school is expanding, teaching a unique perspective on combat. Code currently teaches TKD, MMA and Kenpo Jiu Jitsu.



13124504_1789312581297115_6655518286522782394_n Self Defence Cambs is taught by James, a very good friend and training partner who is currently offering 1 to 1 self defence tuition. James primarily trains in a style named ‘FRACT‘.



11020264_911557955550648_108206116418057243_n Kombat Cave UK is a ‘street self defence’ school run by Andy ‘The Batman’ Holmes, who teaches a “no nonsense” style of self defence with an attitude of never being the victim.