Hi Welcome to the blog! I hope you enjoy the following two types of content produced


Here you will find regular updates on my training sessions, where I will be discussing what I did during the session and provide some self reflection on my progress. My aim is for this to become a clear chronology of my Martial Arts progression!


In this section you will find articles which are typically longer reads than the Training Logs, and will focus more on my perceptions and experiences as a Martial Artist. It is in the articles I will also periodically provide a review of my overall journey, usually around the time of belt promotions, or moments where my skills have been tested.


By following this page you will see regular updates where I write about the things I like, whether content such as YouTube video’s and podcasts, or books and other media. Here I’ll also talk about products I enjoy, whether a new gi or a sweet pair of MMA gloves; I’ll probably even throw in some posts about events I’m looking forward to, or have enjoyed. None of these views or reviews are paid for, or endorsed – they’re just my opinion.